Team training, is a team workout, for your sports team. Surge trains teams large and small, and numbers in between. We work with you to maintain a proper coach-to-client ratio to provide you with our best instruction possible. We help develop team bonding and camaraderie amongst friends. We also discuss the importance of nutritional guidance for proper eating.


Each session is 55-minutes and each group will start with a team warm-up, activation, dynamic movement, workout and cool-down.

A part of team training is a free 45 minute consultation session. This group session includes a warm-up, activation series, dynamic warmup, and 30 minute workout. After the initial consultation, we will discuss with you and/or your coach a plan for further development.

We offer several group options. The bigger the group, the less the cost per person.

2 - 4 clients: $35 per client/per session

5 - 9 clients: $30 per client/per session

10 - 19 clients: $20 per client/per session

20 - 29 clients: $15 per client/per session

30+ clients: $12 per client/per session

*Minimum 8 sessions

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