Surge offers personal, one-on-one training experience for anyone looking to improve themselve. Following your free initial assessment we will work together to follow your individualized program. You will learn how to train properly, improve coordination, strengthen your core, increase speed, learn better balance and get stronger through weight training. The program overview is:


  • ​Gross Motor Skill - Incorporate Neuromuscular system development, postural and core strength exercises, and unilateral movements.

  • Joint by joint mobility - Promote joint mobility/stability and muscular activation through age appropriate activities that can also be done at home.

  • Dynamic Integration - Movements that activate the neuromuscular system to prepare the body for activity, while improving coordination, body control, balance and agility.

  • Functional Movement Pattern Instruction & Skill Practice -  You will learn a new, developmentally appropriate, full body functional movement pattern each session. We find creative ways to teach you these skills and practice proper technique.

  • Weight Training - Your program will consist of, but not limited to, squats, deadlifts, iso holds, single leg movements, flat presses, and much more.


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