Group training is a great activity for a group friends while getting in shape. Surge trains groups up to twelve to maintain a proper coach-to-client ratio. This provides every group member proper personal instruction. We also discuss the importance of nutritional guidance for proper eating.

Each session is 55-minutes and each group will start with a team warm-up, activation, dynamic movement, workout and cool-down.

A part of group training is a free 45 minute consultation session. This group session includes a warm-up, activation series, dynamic warmup, and 30 minute workout. After the initial consultation, we will discuss with a plan for further development.

We offer several group options. The bigger the group, the less the cost per person.

2 - 4 clients: $35 per client/per session

5 - 8 clients: $30 per client/per session

9 - 12  clients: $25 per client/per session

*Minimum 8 sessions per person

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